Arrived Camp Haan, near Riverside, California

15 Jul

July 11, 1943            Camp Haan, California

Dear Mom,

We finally got here. This camp is near Riverside, Calif. That is about 55 miles from Los Angeles. This is Sunday and I’m down here under the swaying palm trees just taking life easy; soft music from the Service Club. Don’t you all wish you were in the army!

Well, that’s only part of it. I will get part of my training on the desert with temperatures of 140 and 150 degrees. They are training this whole bunch for desert warfare. I don’t know how long the Basic Training will last but about half of it is on the desert. We stay here at camp a while then go on the desert for a while then back to camp and etc.

I am in the Anti Aircraft Artillery. It was part of the Coast Artillery but it has now branched off to an outfit itself. I don’t know yet what my job will be but it is a motorized outfit and I think I am going to drive a truck.

I like the camp. They have better food than we had at Camp Lee. Also, I think I will like this outfit I am in. The training will be tough but I think I can take it. The only thing I don’t like is being so far away from home. I miss all of you an awful lot.

Tell the old man (pop) that I am broke as they make ’em so send me some “you know what.” I hate to bother you all but it will be the last of August before I get any money. You can cash in one of my bonds and send me the money. Also, as soon as you can, I wish you would send me the writing kit and pen. Tell Pop to send me that old razor and some blades. The razor they gave us isn’t much good.

Tell Bill that this camp is right next to March Field, a very large air base and we have Sergeant Gene Autry here.

Well I guess I’ll close for now. Send me the stuff as soon as you can and write often.

Love to all, Tom


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